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Safety is especially important to United Tank Services and the Industries that we serve. Because UTS regularly preforms our services in the Pulp & Paper, Chemical and Power Industries, as well as other demanding Industries with hazardous enviroments, we must plan and prepare job specific plans to properly protest our employees. To Be successful in these industries, we must have an excellent safety record. It is an absolute necessity for both our employees as well as our customers. This takes a commitment from everyone to reach our goal of zero accidents. The end result from our commitment is a safe work enviroment, with a product that is built on time and at the lowest cost possible. That is an investment we can all live with! From the ground up, safety is integrated into every project. From our craft, who are constantly trained in safety practices, to our foremen who train coach and constantly evaluate project safety preformance. We then mandate that our Project Management team work to engineer out safety hazards in the design phase, even before site construction begins, eliminating many of the inherent safety hazards and risks. The president of UTS continually monitors safety preformance of the company and leads the effort to reach our goal of zero accidents. To support our team on projects where safety demands require it, we assign Site Safety Managers to constantly manage the safety effort and provide support for the entire project team through training and safety evaluations. Additionally, a corporate Safety Risk Manager also supports the entire safety effort through training and support of the corporate management team to help ensure a complete coordinated performance.
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